February 2010 release of the v3.23 package is available for download.

We continue to work on Mtdiagram, the New Graphical User Interface for Microtran. Mtdiagram integrates all modules (line constants, cable constants, transformer data generation, etc.) into a single platform. This has been included as part version 3.2. Mtdiagram is still missing a couple of features so we have chosen to designate it as "beta" and offer cost-free upgrades for a year

A draft version of the Mtdiagram reference manual has been released. It will be updated periodically so you may want to keep an eye on the latest version. This complements the on-line tutorials as the means to getting started with the new graphical user interface.

Version 3.11 of the Microtran package is no longer supported. Version 3.2 is a functional superset of version 3.11, even of Mtdiagarm is not used.

Legacy DOS applications such as Mtdata, are no longer supported. Microsoft has not preserved backward compatibility with Windows 2000.

The Microtran package is now only available in electronic form, and payment can be made on-line using PayPal (an e-Bay company). This will allow faster transactions, a superior convenience for many users.

Printed copies of the reference manual and case studies collection are no longer available in printed form due to prohibitive shipping costs. They are, however, included in electronic form as part of the package along with the 2nd Edition of the EMTP Theory Book.

Version 3.2 has been reported to work properly in Windows Vista. However, we only officially support Windows XP.

If you have any questions, please contact us at